General Questions

LTC location:
167 Route 304
Bardonia NY

Retail Location:
240 North Main Street
Spring Valley, NY

We ensure quality assurance by:

  • holding quarterly meetings with our staff
  • competency training
  • systems review
  • look alike sound alike – high alert medications
  • medications errors – full investigation and written corrective action plans
  • initial and final review on all medications
  • Medical records: MARs, TARs, and POFs (electronic and paper)
  • online access to many pharmacy services
  • multiple daily deliveries including STAT’s
  • 24 hour emergency services
  • dedicated customer service representatives
  • customized packaging including unit-dose, blisterpacking

Long Term Care

We work together to optimize resident care, improve quality of life and ensure regulatory compliance.

  • pre-admission price quotes
  • full assistance with prior authorizations
  • assistance with complex claim adjudication
  • we collaborate with prescribers to initiate therapy covered by third party payers
  • recommendation of therapeutic alternatives
  • competitive pricing on non-covered medications
  • full communication with facility staff
  • easy to understand notifications
  • monthly cost containment review of facility bills:
    • mid month changes and corrections
    • follow up on Medicaid pending
  • returns and credits
  • Blisterpack
  • Unit Dose Packaging
  • Multi-dose packaging
  • vials
  • amber bottles-liquids
  • compounds- PO, nasal spray, creams etc.
  • Injectables
  • Sterile and non-sterile compounds
  • USP 797 compliant clean room sterile compounds
  • fully stocked with IV antibiotics and hydration solutions etc.
  • non-sterile compounding area
  • oral suspensions, capsules, creams, powder papers etc. to accommodate pediatric dosing
  • full library of compounding recipes
  • non-sterile compounding log
  • In-services and education conveniently offered at your location
  • first aid and CPR certification
  • IV certification and re-certification for nurses
  • psychotropic monitoring
  • therapeutic disease state management
  • customized facility reports
  • antibiotic, psychotropics utilization 
  • controlled substance utilization 
  • Exceptional customer service
  • knowledge and regulations
  • in-services and education
  • group homes/ ALP/ OPWDD/ nursing homes our specialty
  • interest in caring for our patients
  • talented. experienced pharmacists – accuracy and compliance
  • highly talented billing department
  • non-corporate environment
  • accessible leadership
  • flexibility

Our facility is equipped with a state of the art USP 797 Clean Room to provide any and all intravenous, TPN, or other sterile compounds.

MedWiz Consultant pharmacists are available to complete drug regiment and pharmacological reviews, medication unit inspections and various other audits to prepare the facility for survey.

We take tremendous pride in customizing our services to the facility’s needs. Our flexible cutoff times and delivery schedules work according to what best suites you and the residents.

MedWiz Pharmacy will ensure its products and services are available to the facility and its residents during regular business hours, and additionally will be available 24-hours/365 days with emergency on-call coverage.


A MedPak is presorted and pre-labeled for you so you do not have to worry about sorting through all your prescription labels. This is a completely FREE service with no extra cost to the customer other than a copay. MedPaks are labeled with your name, the date, the time your pills should be taken, with pre-printed reminders for liquids and inhalers. MedPaks are ideal for travel or on the go. All you have to do is detach the pouch from your MedPak roll at the perforated line, take your pills and you are good to go! 

There is no extra cost to use our MedPak. We provide free service and personalized service.

No. We offer fast and free shipping nationwide

A delivery automatically arrives on your doorstep each month.

We accept all major insurances.

We provide round the clock customer service by phone or email. We are always available to help service you. Our services are personalized to fulfill your specific needs. 

Our pharmacists manage your refills to ensure that you will never run our of the medication that you need.


We ensure that you have the piece of mind of always being ready for regulatory audits. Passing meds with MedWiz eMAR is one of the most effortless tasks to perform. The system organizes the medications due to be given based on time of day and designated staff administering medication.

MedWiz maintains a complete resident profile. The Patient information is entered into the system and is immediately available to all users including the pharmacy and physician.

Our solution is built with the ability to track inventory and enable the system to request refills and reorders automatically based on predetermined inventory levels for each medication. 

We are dedicated to ensuring that our system complies with all laws and regulations of various regulatory agencies at the local, state and federal levels. We continue to work closely with auditing and regulatory officials state by state to gain requisite approvals and remain compliant.

This intuitive process is available for physicians to write electronic orders and is easy enough for facility staff to transcribe or record an order to the MAR,